Four months, hundreds of new leads and millions of dollars in pipeline generated

When Cymmetria came to Constellation, they had an award-winning product, had attended a suite of conferences and trade shows, but had not built out a marketing infrastructure or team to effectively scale. Three months later, our client has a fully-mapped out marketing and sales funnel by channel; understands their cost per lead and conversion rates by channel; and is in a strong position to begin scaling marketing efforts.

The Company

Cymmetria is a venture-backed cyber security firm with headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel and Palo Alto, CA. Founded in 2013 by three cyber veterans, the firm aims to challenge the asymmetrical nature of cyber security and reduce time to threat detection and cost of investigation.

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Results by the Numbers:

A closer look at our client’s success story:

From September 2017 to March 2018, our client:

  • Increased web traffic 66% and new user traffic 67%
  • Generated several hundred new leads–marketing qualified and sales qualified leads
  • Drove down the cost per lead by 200%, saving tens of thousands of dollars in marketing spend
  • Improved the conversion rate of leads to marketing qualified leads by 10x
  • Generated millions of dollars

The Challenge

With a newly hired VP of sales, the company needed to generate leads fast, with a low CPL. To reach this goal, our client turned to Constellation to quickly test and scale its marketing efforts, along with setting up the required marketing infrastructure and budget. Our client had specific sales goals they wanted to reach, with a portion of these goals coming directly from marketing.

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The Solution

Constellation quickly got to work. Here’s what was involved:

A comprehensive audit on the company, including

  • Conversion tracking audit and plan
  • Website audit
  • SEO, keyword and backlink audit
  • Paid social audit
  • Brand asset audit
  • Marketing tech stack audit
  • Creation of marketing budget

This helped us determine the necessary steps needed to reach the specified sales and lead goals.

Next, over the six month period, Constellation built, experimented and implemented a comprehensive inbound marketing program from scratch; launched and optimized effective performance marketing; and launched and optimized outbound marketing. This included:

The Results

Six months in, the relationship is clearly a success. To date, Constellation has generated hundreds of leads and booked tens of demos that, combined, could be worth over hundreds of thousands of dollars in business for our client.