"When I think about marketing I think about the creative part of it, the storytelling. Constellation introduced us to this whole new world of numbers and taught us how to use analytics to inform business decisions. Now everything is black and white. And it’s really working — when we started we had 18,000 users and we grew to nearly 30,000 in just a couple of months"
-Siqi Mou, Founder and CEO, HelloAva
“Constellation has allowed us to test different marketing channels and eliminate high spend/low impact activities, without the overhead of hiring internally. They’ve provided us data to show investors where our company is at and where we’re going in the next phase.”
-Wen-Wen Lam, Founder and CEO, NexTravel
“Constellation delivers on results. They understands startups and have been there so can be trusted with whatever you throw at them, whether that means going all in and executing start to finish or building a strategic plan and advising our team on how to move forward.”
-Gadi Evron, Founder and CEO, Cymmetria