Why Constellation

Constellation is creating a new standard in marketing and analytics consulting.

Receive high quality work at a high-value price, enabling you to do more better, faster and efficiently.

Top Talent

Work with some of the best marketers and growth experts who have scaled products and revenue to millions of dollars and users. 

Fixed Prices

Say goodbye to percentage of media spend or hourly rates. Once we give you a quote, we stick to it and strive to get you results no matter what.

Project Management

Marketing is complex & multi-faceted.

Leave the details to us. 

Start Time1-2 Weeks1-4 Months1-3 Months
Recruiting Fee$0 $10k - $40k $0
Quality Assurancex x
Team-Mix and Skill Diversity HighNone Medium
Engagement Failure Rate Very LowLowMedium
Termination CostsLowHighMedium

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