Turning a website into a qualified sales lead generator


When our client came to Constellation, they were growing at unprecedented rates. However, they had not built the infrastructure to scale effectively. As a result, the trading department spent significant amounts of time manually qualifying leads, and responding to and engaging with customers. Four months later, our client has a revamped website inclusive of a lead qualification and engagement system and knowledge base and is now in a position to more effectively grow and scale.

By the numbers:

A look at our client’s success, three months into the launch:

  • 18% of qualified leads generated are from their website, up from 0% previously
  • 200 help tickets avoided
  • 794 help articles viewed

This translates into tens of hours saved each week, and has helped the team avoid hiring an additional sales rep to hire the load.

The Company

Founded in 2005, the company is a premiere New York City based institutional trading firm with expertise in digital currencies.

The Challenge

While the business was rapidly growing, the trading team came to Constellation with one goal in mind: to turn its website into a source of quality leads. Specifically, they wanted site visitors to be encouraged to sign up to trade with the company.

The Solution

Constellation performed an in-depth analysis on the site and on the firm’s leads to understand where they was coming from to determine the necessary steps required to reach the specified company goals. A comprehensive audit on the company, included the following:

  • Conversion tracking audit and plan
  • Website audit
  • SEO, keyword and backlink audit
  • Brand asset audit
  • Marketing tech stack audit

Over the three month period, Constellation completed a conversion rate optimization project on the website with conversion to qualified leads as the primary goal. In addition, Constellation implemented a knowledge base, a conversational chatbot and supplementary inbound marketing program to support their efforts.

The Results

Four months later, the relationship is clearly a success. Our client’s website is now responsible for 18% of all qualified sales leads for the firm and has reduced the load per trader significantly.

*Note: We are under NDA and unable to reveal this client’s name